Fee Structure

A fee concession of 50% will be granted to a student whose brother/sister is already studying the institute. However this concession at the time of admission will be availed by one of the two siblings.

The students are required to deposit all fee and dues on quarterly basis. Each quarter will be of three months. The due date for each quarter will be 10th day of every quarter failing which late fee/surcharge shall be levied at the following rates:

  • Additional surcharge for default of one month or part thereof: 10% of the original amount.
  • 2 months default or part there of: 25% of the original fee.
  • 3 months default or part thereof: 50% of original fee.
  • Any student defaulting payment of dues exceeding 90 days will be automatically terminated and his/her enrollment shall be deemed afresh with payment of all defaulted dues and fresh admission fee and allied charges to allow her to continue at the institute.