Rules & Regulations

Discipline is the backbone of any organization. It ranges from personal conduct to conformity with the organizational rules and regulations by its members for proper attainment of its goals and objectives.
All students are to strictly abide by the following of Rules and Regulations. Any student violating any of these rules shall be liable to punitive action ranging from heavy fines to terminations from the institute roll subject to the discipline committee’s decision.

  1. No student will leave the institute without permission of the principal.
  2. Short leave shall not be allowed except in emergent conditions.
  3. College timings will be from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm in summer and 08:30 am to 01:30 pm in winter.
  4. Visitors during study hours are not allowed.
  5. Ornaments and makeup shall not be worn in the institute.
  6. Musical instruments, transistors, tape recorders and mobile phones etc, are not allowed in the institute.
  7. Fine will be imposed on students, responsible for damage to the college property. In case of major damage, the student will make full payment as cost of damage.
  8. Students are to report problems pertaining to academics/discipline and transport to the incharge staff members appointed by the principal.

Discipline Committee:

All matters/issues related to students discipline as specified in the Rules and Regulations shall be referred to the discipline committee. The decision of the committee shall be final but will be subjected to review on appeal, by the chairman board of governors. The committee shall comprise the following:

  1. Mrs. Perveen Awan Principal
  2. Ms. Ambreen Batthi Vice-Principal
  3. One Faculty Member Member

Dress Code:

Appearance and dress are two factors which reveal an individual’s personality and get up. In order to maintain personal dignity and academic sanctity, the students are required to be properly dressed. College Uniform will be as.

  • Grey Shirt with Mehroon collar & cuffs.
  • White Shalwar.
  • Black Shoes with Grey Socks.
  • White Dupatta with Mehroon Ribbon.
  • Black Sweater or Short Coat in winter.
  • Leather jackets, joggers or any other footwear are strictly forbidden.