A college system for boys and girls has been established at the IMPS campus from 2011. The first batch of its students has been prepared for intermediate (Part 1st) schedule exam in April, 2012. To impart academic/curriculum training the college has enquired the services of highly experienced and qualified teaching faculty.

The fee structure of the college is competitive compared to levied by other colleges in the private sector. Our fee structure is designed keeping in view the students coming from middle and lower middle income group who cannot avail quality education with in the income levels of their parents. We have therefore evolved unique implications for the parents.
A high standard disciplinary regimentation is in place in this institution to ensure that the student are grounded in a high standard of learning imbibing sound character qualities with strong personality and attitude development with special emphasis on our cultural and religious values.

IMPS offers a congenial, student friendly and highly ethical environments to enable the students to engage them in the process of social learning and humanitarian understanding of our social , cultural environments to prepare them to prove better citizens of tomorrow.

The IMPS welcomes students from all walks of life and help us build their future careers on sound basis.