Principal’s Message

IM|PS intermediate college was established in 2011 with an aim to provide broad based educational facilities to meet the academic needs of middle class, particularly lower middle class segments of our society.
 Our single most important objective of imparting post matric, high quality education to our male and female upcoming young students and groom their character, personality and outlook to enable them to align and keep abreast with the fast changing socio-economic, domestic and trans-border realities. We make every endeavor to model their behavior in the best traditions of our moral, social and broad universal ethical values.
Conscious of the economic constraints of our middle and lower middle class segments of our society we offer quality education at a very competitive and easily affordable cost to save parents from undue financial burden. Therefore we eschew any activity which entails additional cost. Our focus therefore remains on intense academic activities and we ground our students in simple and austere approach towards a practical and realistic understanding of their future.
Our mission is the single minded relentless endeavor to create responsible citizens of tomorrow.
May God Almighty in His infinite Mercy provide us the strength to achieve our task. Ameen.

Mrs. Perveen Awan
Ex-Principal FEF