Institute of Management & Professional Sciences has been established by a team of highly dedicated, devoted and sincere professional teachers with a missionary zeal to promote quality education in the field of management and allied sciences. They pooled their meager resources to embark upon their noble mission. The difficult issues involving selection of a proper site to meet the long term academic and administrative requirement, search for a highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty, and establishing other infrastructural facilities were resolved with focused team spirit and highly coordinated personal efforts of each member of the team.

Realistically speaking, Institute of Management & Professional Sciences is not a commercial enterprise with the sole aim of making profits. At bottom it is an institute with the fundamental objective of providing quality education, including leadership, ingraining civic sensibilities, developing a deep sense of responsibility and grooming the students to become true leaders of tomorrow so as to take on the socio-economic, administrative and civic challenges facing our country. At this point in time it might seem a tall order but the saying goes that “Rome was not built in a day”. May be our efforts, however focused, might be just a drop in the ocean but a beginning been made. With the Grace of Almighty Allah we shall succeed in our exalted mission.