Rules & Regulations

All students are required to comply with the rules and regulations notified by the university of Peshawar or the institute from time to time. The violation of any one of which renders the students liable to strict disciplinary action such as fine suspension or expulsion from the institute.

  • A student is entitled to maximum of 4 absences in each course (i.e. per semester). Absence is not allowed in the examination days. A student absenting himself in the examination days without any genuine reason shall render himself to a fine of Rs.200/- per day.
  • Absences fine of Rs.50/- per period per day will be imposed. A student coming late in the classroom will be marked absent.
  • Fees should be paid according to the schedule. The institute shall¬† announce the prescribed date for fees depositing on the notice board and therefore shall not take any responsibility to inform each and every student personally. 20% surcharge will be leived upon if the payment is made after due date. Further more this surcharge will increase subsequently.
  • Students are not allowed to collect funds for any purpose. What so ever with out a prior permission of the Director of the Institute.
  • Inside the college premises mobile phones are allow only if it is switched off and without camera.
  • No student is allowed to paste, exhibit prepares or distributes any poster leaflet notice, pamphlet or hand bill, what so ever in the institute premises.
  • Political or immoral activity of any kind is strictly prohibited in or around the premises.
  • Students are absolutely not allowed to see visitors during teaching hours.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • The institute reserved the rights to change any or all the rules and regulations at any time in the larger interest of the institute or those of the students.
  • The institute does not stand liable or responsible for any delays in the completion of course or any failure in conducting the course due to natural disasters, fire breakouts, power failure, riots political interest or any other factor beyond the control of the institute.
  • Migration from the institute shall not be allowed, however under genuine circumstances the migration certificate shall be provided to the student after clearing the outstanding dues if any and the admission renewal charges. Candidate will also clear the concurrent semester and annual fees.