The percentages represent the marks percentages of the last appeared examination; applicants falling in any of the stated criterion shall be considered eligible for the mentioned scholarship in the tuition fees only.

  • 76% and above will be awarded 100% scholarship.
  • 71% to 75% will be awarded 70% scholarship.
  • 66% to 70% will be awarded 50% scholarship.
  • 60% to 65% will be awarded 30% scholarship.
  • Hafiz-e-Quran will be awarded 25% scholarship.
  • Children of the Government employees and educationist’s or the applicant him/her self is a Government employee will be awarded 20% scholarship.
  • Siblings studying under different programs but in same sessions will be awarded 50% scholarship’ however this scholarship will be availed by only one of the siblings.
  • Open scholarship of 15% will be awarded to all the applicants.
  • Special need base scholarships will be awarded only to those applicants who provide documentary evidence of their deservedness and also stands deserve able after scrutiny.
  • 20% Scholarship to all those student who are Government or Private sector employee

In-session special scholarship for the students securing 1st division or getting any distinction in the UOP external examinations.

These criterions do not apply to GPA system.